Son and daughter-in-law's elderly parents face danger, SP seeks justice!

Son and daughter-in-law's elderly parents face danger, SP seeks justice!

Son and daughter-in-law's elderly parents face danger, SP seeks justice

Elderly couple risked life from their own daughter-in-law and son

The elderly couple was pushed out of the police station by the local police

Police captain pleaded for justice, assurance given for early action - SP Prashant Verma

"Someone is right. A beautiful wife gives up her beauty for the son" and that son abandons his parents for a beautiful girl "

Bindki / Fatehpur (Daily Fair Section) Son of Gyan Bahadur Singh, resident of Aliyabad village of Kotwali area, Late Shripal Singh appeared before Police Captain Prashant Verma and pleaded for justice.

According to the information, Gyan Bahadur son, resident of Kotwali area Aliyabad village, the late Shri Pal is tortured by his son Deepu and daughter-in-law Bandana while giving an application to SP Prashant Verma, Gyan Bahadur told that both his son and daughter-in-law are of bad instincts. People of other bad instincts have both drunk and forcibly harvested the fields, they have threatened to kill their lives by refusing to kill their mother, many times the daughter-in-law threatened to kill the wife of the applicant. She lives with whom the applicant and his wife are scared and afraid.

While giving the application, the applicant said that the daughter-in-law and the son drink many times, along with other anarchic elements of the village, in the fields and house, with the applicant and his wife.

While praying, the applicant pleaded for justice from the SP, while dealing with the media, father Gyan Bahadur wept and told that his son Deepu is behind selling his property, if the elderly couple will sell their land, then they should eat it in old age and Where can I find a place to live? Elder also told that several times he went to the local police but the local police reprimanded him from the police station, after which the elderly police captain pleaded for justice, on which the police captain Prashant Verma assured the elderly to send the elderly couple to their destination.

But once again the big question is that despite the BJP government in UP and at the center, the way poor farmers and elderly parents treat their children like enemies, then where should the elders go if mistakenly asked by the local police for justice When they pass, the police chase them out of the police station, where do the elderly farmers or the couple go?